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TCP Ecolite Hydrogen fuel cell CCTV tower

Cost-effective temporary site security with remote monitoring and on-site recording

Protect off-grid sites with the Ecolite CCTV tower. This powerful tower comes with all of the equipment you need to ensure that your site is secure. Featuring a vandal-resistant pan-tilt-zoom camera, infra-red LED illuminators, wireless movement detectors, digital recorders, and a public address system, this fully-featured tower provides industry-leading security.

The CCTV tower uses wireless PIR movement sensors to automatically identify threats, even in the dark, while 3/4G communications allow you to check the cameras from the comfort of your home or office, and even communicate directly via built in tannoy and siren.

Designed for ease of installation and relocation, this trailer mounted system can be moved around the site to where it’s needed most.

The onboard BOC hydrogen fuel cell delivers all the power that the tower needs without the need for cables or generators. With additional gas cylinders, the Ecolite-CCTV can run autonomously for up to 30 days. As such, its perfect for sites that aren’t yet on the grid, or for remote locations that you may wish to protect without noisy, expensive generators. Furthermore, thanks to remote-access, it offers a significantly more cost-effective solution than manned guarding.

If you’re looking for a solution that can’t be moved by hand but is still transportable to off-grid locations, we also offer a palletised version. Get in touch with out sales team to understand how we can meet your needs.

Product specification

  • 24/7/365 Remote Monitored CCTV Security System
  • Onsite Digital Recording 30 days
  • 360 Degrees Day/Night Robust Camera
  • Wireless IR Movement Detectors - to be deployed around the protected area
  • Public Address Tannoy system with warning siren
  • Mobile 3/4G Broadband with Dual SIM for greater reliability
  • Fully autonomous run time up to 30 days with additional cylinders
TCP Ecolite Hydrogen fuel cell CCTV tower

Product features

  • Remote Monitored CCTV
  • Hydrogen fuel cell powered CCTV tower for sites with no permanent power
  • No need to run expensive generators all night
  • ZERO exhaust emissions
  • ZERO CO2 emissions
  • ZERO noise pollution
  • ZERO particulate pollution
  • ZERO servicing
  • ZERO combustion
  • ZERO possibility for fuel or earth contamination

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