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Mobile lighting towers

Diesel and hydrogen fuel cell lighting towers manufactured and sold in the UK by TCP.

With a fleet of more than 1000 Ecolite lighting towers, TCP offers one of the largest mobile lighting tower rental fleets in the UK.

Both diesel and hydrogen models are designed with efficiency and environmentalism in mind, with the diesel model using up to 75% less fuel than conventional models and the hydrogen options producing zero emissions at source. Read on to find out more about their market-leading features, from highly efficient LEDs to lenses that maximise useable light while minimising eye strain.

Ecolite TH200 Hydrogen Mobile Lighting Tower

Ecolite TH200 Hydrogen Mobile Lighting Tower

Cutting-edge hydrogen fuel-cell powered mobile lighting tower

Ecolite WH2 mobile hydrogen lighting tower

Ecolite WH2 mobile hydrogen lighting tower

Compact local task lighting with additional hand tool power supply

Ecolite-P Lighting Tower

Ecolite-P Lighting Tower

Palletised mobile lighting tower for locations where security is key

Ecolite-T Diesel Portable Lighting Tower

Ecolite-T Diesel portable lighting tower

Cutting-edge diesel lighting tower featuring low-energy LEDs and Prismalense technology

Tripod lighting tower

Tripod portable lighting tower

Powerful, non-glare task lighting powered by generator or mains supply

Prismatic lens technology
There’s a fine balance between comfortable illumination and over-lighting, especially on sensitive sites around homes or wildlife. We’ve worked with one of the world’s leading lamp manufacturers to develop LED lights that strike the perfect balance. A smooth, well-defined beam with a known lighting pattern maximises available light while reducing glare and eye strain. Not only does this create safe, workable conditions at night, but it maximises the efficiency of each bulb.

AMOSS self-lowering mast
The ‘Automatic Mast Operating Safety System’ was developed by TCP but has now become a safety standard across the lighting industry. Once fitted, it prevents users from moving the light tower while the mast is raised, preventing the risk of operator injury or equipment damage posed by bridges, power lines and other overhead hazards. What’s more, with their fully automatic operation, they’re designed to be user-friendly, making them painless to set up and position.

Auxiliary power outlet
We know that equipment has to be flexible to the unique demands of each site. That’s why we’ve included optional power outlets offering backup mobile power when you need it most. Additionally, with an optional power input, you’ll have the flexibility to take advantage of mains electricity if available.

Easy to use
All of our mobile lighting masts have been designed with the operator at heart. From ultra-secure craning and tie-down points to single-axis, hand-operated masts and the option to daisy-chain multiple towers, everything is ready for real-world scenarios.

Perfectly compact, they’re easy to transport both on- and off-site. Even our AMOSS masts are simple to use, operating with existing trailer brakes.

ECO Products

Ecolite T
Combining low-energy LED lighting with a high-efficiency diesel-electric generator, the Ecolite T is one of the best-performing mobile lighting towers on the market. Packed full of award-winning innovation, it’s an ideal combination of value, portability and performance. What’s more, with everything from fully adjustable stabilisers to simple, button-operable hydraulics, it’s a dream to use.

Ecolite P
Manoeuvred by forklift or Hiab lorry, this tower is ideal for situations where you don’t want to risk vandalism, unauthorised movement or theft. It still has all the excellent features of its Ecolite T sibling, with its super-efficient ceramic discharge lamps needing only half a litre of diesel an hour to produce a flawlessly even spread of light, free of flicker and glare. And, despite being able to withstand winds of up to 100kph, its 9.1m mast is fully hydraulic – no hand-winching required.

Ecolite TH200
The Ecolite TH200 represents the latest in lighting tower technology. Combining a hydrogen fuel cell with high-efficiency LED bulbs, the TH200 delivers great performance with zero emissions in a compact, transportable package. But it’s not just all about eco credentials; the Ecolite TH200 operates with both zero noise and zero groundspill risk. Complying with safety and noise regulations has never been easier.

Ecolite WH2
The WH2 offers the same hydrogen-cell advantages of the TH200 in more portable form. So, you can expect zero emissions, zero noise pollution and zero chance of spillage in a package that can be moved as easily as a wheelbarrow. You’ll also be able to take advantage of the same Prismatic Lens technology to make the best of every lumen produced, reducing glare and increasing lighting effectiveness.

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