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Dump trucks

Hydrema 912D

Versatile dump truck with a 10 tonne capacity designed for moving over a variety of challenging terrains.

Move large amounts of material with ease using the Hydrema 912D dumptruck. With a 10 tonne capacity and articulated rear end,  transport earth, gravel and other loose materials with ease.

Constant 4WD driven from the powerful turbo engine coupled with low-flotation tyres allows the Hydrema to navigate the most challenging of terrain. Able to handle wet and muddy ground, it is ideal for golf course formation, flood defence and environmental work.

As well as providing serious abilities, the Hydrema also offers a great environment for operators. The comfortable, enclosed cab provides fantastic forward visibility, while built in cameras ensure that the driver knows exactly what’s happening around the vehicle.

Product specification

Total Weight: 17060kg
Net Weight: 7060kg
Carrying Capability: 10000kg
Body Capacity: 5.6m
Turning Radius: 6.1m
Overall Width: 2210mm
Overall Length: 5820mm
Ground Clearance: 400mm
Max. Height: 2750mm
Max. Height (when tipping): 4215mm
Tipping Clearance: 1050mm
Wheelbase: 3080mm


Hydrema 912D dump truck

Product features

  • Robust design
  • Superb all terrain performance
  • Excellent handling on steep slopes
  • Standard Tip
  • Low flotation tyres
  • Built in camera safety system
  • Excellent forward drive vision