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Company history

Established in 1989, Taylor Construction Plant Ltd provides innovative, quality equipment, products and services to the construction, events, film and tv sectors.  

Headquartered in Maldon Essex, TCP has nationwide coverage with depots across the UK.

Alongside the provision of heavy duty construction equipment, TCP has been developing cutting-edge hydrogen fuel-cell applications, with the aim to reduce air pollution when powering tools, lighting, welfare units and other equipment.  

To meet customer demand, in 2020, TCP restructured with a new parent brand -  TCP Group with two divisions:  TCP ECO and TCP PLANT.  

TCP ECO - The environmentally-friendly, hydrogen powered products for hire/purchase/servicing

TCP PLANT - The diesel-powered equipment for hire/purchase/servicing

TCP Group is committed to reducing its carbon footprint, by engaging and informing our customers about what it is doing on the pathway to net zero.

Headquartered in the historic town of Maldon in Essex for over 30 years, TCP has a long history in both light-tower manufacturing and compaction equipment rental.

Our purpose-built complex includes offices, workshop space and warehousing, providing a base for servicing Wacker Neuson and TCP products. TCP has depots across the UK with locations in Coventry, Leeds, Devon and Scotland.

In 2020, TCP Group was formed with two new divisions to suit customer requirements.

TCP Plant continues to supply the UK with exceptional construction equipment. Our plant hire range includes compaction rollers and plates from respected manufacturers such as Rammax, Wacker Neuson and Hamm. TCP Plant also offers remote-control compaction equipment, which isolates the user from hand/arm vibration (HAV).

As an authorised dealer, TCP Plant also offers Wacker Neuson products for sale in Essex, Leeds and Coventry. In addition, we supply parts for Hamm, Rammax, Amida and Hatz equipment, and can offer Wacker Neuson servicing for all products, including the high-frequency poker.

TCP ECO manufactures and has produced the award-winning Ecolite mobile lighting tower. With both hydrogen and low emitting diesel fuel-cell options, these products are highly efficient and designed to help sites reduce their environmental impact and improve occupational health and safety.

A particular highlight is our Ecolite T diesel lighting tower, which uses 75% less fuel and is capable of running for running up to 170 hours. But, it’s often our hydrogen variants that get the most attention, especially in terms of awards. In 2017, TCP was shortlisted as a finalist in the Highways UK Intelligent Infrastructure Challenge for its TH200 LED hydrogen fuel cell lighting tower. As the world’s first low-energy LED, hydrogen-fuel-cell-powered lighting towers, they boast zero site emissions and zero noise pollution, making it a perfect solution for Sector 61 compliance. For this reason, it has found great popularity in the rail and transport sector.  What’s more, ever-flexible to your needs, they’re available with everything from ultra-secure structures to ultra-portable rigs, capable of being wheeled as easily as a barrow.

Company Registration No: 2373851.

TCP continues to provide the UK and overseas with innovative and high-quality solutions that provide real value for money.