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With our fleet of over 400 Ecolite lighting towers, TCP provide the greenest solution for all your event lighting requirements.  TCP’s diesel Ecolite T and P mobile lighting towers use the latest in lighting technology giving the user up to 85% fuel saving against standard metal halide light towers.  Their compact size and fully bunded design make the Ecolite a highly manoeuvrable and environmentally friendly choice for event organisers looking for greener, cleaner yet cost effective lighting.

The latest addition to TCP’s light tower fleet, the Ecolite TH2, provides the ultimate solution for event organisations looking for sustainable lighting. The TH2 is powered by Hydrogen and the HYMERATM Fuel cell from Linde resulting in a virtually silent, low energy light source which boasts ZERO CO2emissions, ZERO Particulate pollution and ZERO exhaust emissions. The Ecolite TH2 is operational even in enclosed spaces and the low energy LED lamps bring the carbon footprint of this light tower down to a level we thought was light years away!

For your more compact, task lighting needs, the Ecolite WH2 is your answer. This model is the smaller counterpart of the TH2, run on the same Hydrogen energy and HYMERATM fuel cell but with a single light head. Based on the concept of wheelbarrow operation, the WH2 is compact and versatile and with the option of a double head or link light set up this light unit can be easily adjusted to accommodate an array of lighting requirements.

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