RTx SC-2 Roller

The RTX-SC2 is an articulated trench roller which is fully operated via infra-red remote control.

The roller is similar in size to the RW1504/1515 rollers and is available on either 560mm or 820mm wide sheepsfoot drums. The RTX-SC2 is well suited to compaction of cohesive soils and the articulated joint of this roller improves manoeuvrability, allowing compaction around awkward or curved structures without tearing up compacted surfaces.

The infra-red operation of this roller eliminates any WBV or HAV issues and the added feature of a proximity recognition sensor ensures optimum safety by disabling the machine when it is within two metres of the operator.


  • Robust and versatile
  • Liquid cooled 3-cylinder diesel engine with electric starter
  • 1600 mm turning radius
  • Continuous operation around curved structures
  • Below axle exciter in each drum resulting in better compaction energy and improved stability


Operating Weight1560kg
Drum widths560/820mm
Max Centrifugal Force68.4 KN