Rammax RW2900HF

The RW2900 is a robust 3000kg ride-on roller which can also be operated by infrared remote control at a distance of up to fifteen metres.

With a 15 meter range infrared control by the operator, the RW2900HF allows optimum safety levels by eliminating HAV and WBV issues.

Ideal for use on wet, cohesive soils, the RW2900 is available on 1200mm wide drums and is ideal for trench compaction, road subcourses and site reinstatement. With completely clear sides, the drums area able to compact right along the wall of a trench even on tight applications.

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  • The sides of the drums are completely free and can be driven right up to the edge of the trench
  • Drive, steering, and vibration are fully hydrostatic
  • ROPS fitted to all machines, with lifting eyelet for loading
  • Maintenance-free - only routine servicing of diesel engine required
  • All points on diesel engine requiring service are easily accessible
  • Very high compaction performance
  • Drums available with pads in two different profiles: pointed pads for clay, rounded pads for mixed soils
  • 8 drum scrapers are standard
  • No special charging procedure is required for the transmitter on the RW 2900-F (remote control machine). The solar charging unit keeps the transmitter ready for use at all times - even if the weather is dull and rainy


Operating weight3000kg
Centrifugal force9600kg
Drum widths1200mm
ManouverabilityTurns within its own length