Hamm 3205P

The Hamm 3205P is a single drum roller with a grading blade allowing grading and levelling of heaped material prior to compaction.

The 3205P incorporates a fully enclosed heated cab with good all-round visibility and provides a powerful dynamic compaction force of up to 5037 kg/m2 giving a high production output.

The 3205P is ideally suited to larger areas of cut and fill material or bulk compaction of as-raised materials. It is perfect for use in the construction of road formations and large industrial building bases and is also ideal for compacting around structures, large pipeline applications and flood defence schemes as well as clay puddling within lake and pond structures and within the construction of dam building.

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  • Hydrostatic drive, infinitely variable
  • Traction control
  • Fully enclosed operators cab
  • High engine performance
  • High gradeability
  • Clear instrument panel
  • Ergonomic driver's seat
  • Adjustable sliding and swivelling seat
  • Adjustable steering column
  • Self-locking differential
  • New articulation
  • New cooling system
  • Optimum visibility


Operating weight6300kg
Maximum centrifugal force12600kg
Drum width1370mm
Height of pad foot80mm