Ecolite-WH2 Lighting Tower

Compact local task lighting with the option of hand tool power supply

The TCP Ecolite-WH2, in common with all the Ecolite range, is fitted with Prismatic Lens Technology lamps, to make best use of every lumen produced. Known light patterns and reduced glare provide an ideal task light and keep light pollution to a minimum, an important factor when considering use in the urban environment.
Power (110v AC) is produced using battery and inverter technology with built in safety cut outs and breakers. The unit can provide a maximum of 2.0kw continuous power for up to 10 mins with a recovery time of around 1 hr. As a safety feature the light output is maintained at all times by the Hymera Fuel Cell.
The Hymera by BOC produces DC power from the use of Hydrogen provided in the Genie Cylinder by BOC Linde, with an emission of nothing more than water vapour- No CO2 emissions on site and virtually silent operation.

  • ZERO exhaust emissions
  • ZERO CO2 emissions
  • ZERO noise pollution
  • ZERO particulate pollution
  • ZERO servicing
  • ZERO combustion
  • ZERO possibility for fuel or earth contamination


  • Hydrogen fuel cell powered lighting tower
  • Low energy LED Portable light (and Power option)
  • Robust frame
  • Single axis Hand Operated Mast
  • Craning and tie down points
  • Simple operation
  • Optional Power: 110v 2kW up to 40 mins in 8 hrs
  • Optional lighting up to 8no Linked Tripods


Overall length1400 mm
Overall width700 mm
Overall height (travel position)1750 mm
Overall height (Mast extended to floodlighting position)3800 mm
Ground clearance170 mm
Weight180 kg
Operating voltage (Luminaire)24 V DC
Power source (Fuel Cell)BOC Hymera TM
Fuel Source1 x Linde GENIE 20 Litre compressed hydrogen gas cylinder (300 bar)
Run timeUp to 200 hours (single head)
Output power (max)150 W
Output voltage (Hymera)14-30 V DC (set at 24 V DC for standard WH2)
Lifting positions4 x top lifting eyes
Tie-downs3 x bottom tie-down eyes
Luminaires1 (2) x 38 W LED Lamps (available with one or two head option)
Lighting socketMK Commando 50 V 2-pin

Safety Features