Ecolite-TH200 Lighting Tower

Greener, Cleaner Lighting that doesn't 'cost the earth'

The Ecolite-TH200 is powered by BOC’s HYMERATM fuel cell and operates as a battery hybrid. It has a fully autonomous run time of between 30 and 240 hours depending upon fuel cylinder configuration, and dusk to dawn auto switching is included as standard.

With no internal combustion engine or harmful emissions, Ecolite-TH200 can be used in enclosed spaces only requiring the level of ventilation needed by two adult men. This makes Ecolite-TH200 suitable for locations where traditional lighting towers cannot be used. Ecolite TH200 is also ideal for environmentally sensitive areas where there must be zero risk of contamination.

The BOC HYMERA® fuel cell produces energy by combining hydrogen with oxygen (from the atmosphere) to produce electricity and water. There are no carbon or particulate emissions as would be the case with a conventional diesel-powered generator. In addition, the process is virtually silent which is important for work at night, in built-up areas and enclosed spaces.

Another major benefit of the Ecolite-TH200is that it is engineered using today’s high-efficiency technologies including the hydrogen fuel cell and low-energy LED lighting from Prismalence. As we achieve ever reducing lighting loads through the use of the innovative lighting technology loads that would be unsuitable for even the smallest diesel generator to support can be cost effectively run on the BOC HYMERA®

TCP-Bringing the Hydrogen Economy to Light


  • ZERO CO2 Site Emissions
  • ZERO Noise Pollution
  • ZERO Particulate Pollution
  • ZERO Servicing
  • ZERO Combustion
  • ZERO possibility for fuel or earth contamination
  • TCP AMOSS Safety System
  • Operational in enclosed spaces
  • Low-energy LED lighting
  • Fully autonomous run time between 30 to 240 hours*
  • Automated with dusk to dawn auto switching


* Depending on cylinder configuration





Max Mast Height9.1m (fully hydraulic)
Dry/unladen Weight (max)750kg
Overall Width2105mm (with Jack legs deployed)
Lifting Eye Safe Working Load1000kg
Stabilising/leveling Positions4 No.
Operating Voltage12v DC
Ground Clearance244mm
Braking SystemPark and Overrun
Max. Wind Speed for Safe Operation100kph
Additional safety systemsTCP AMOSS

Safety Features

  • Exhaust emission free
  • Low voltage cut out
  • Low gas alarm