Ecolite-P Lighting Tower

Ever wished your mobile lighting tower wasn't quite so mobile and you can save on transport costs?

With plant thefts expected to reach £120m per annum, occasionally you might not want your lighting tower to be so easy to move once in situ. Plus in areas and events where the general public have access such as festivals, a less mobile lighting tower has obvious safety advantages.

The TCP Ecolite P is the perfect solution. It can be manoeuvred with either a fork lift or a Hiab so that you know you will find it where you left it.

The Ecolite P still has all the excellent features of the TCP Ecolite mobile lighting tower. It uses the same energy efficient Ceramic Discharge lamps. The superior performance of CDM lighting results in a massive saving in fuel costs using only 0.5 litres of diesel an hour. This equates to a saving of up to 85% against conventional light towers. 

The light produced is also a better quality light with a more even spread of light with reduced glare and no flicker.

The Ecolite-P Lighting Tower is available for sale


  • Energy Efficient & Reduced Emissions - uses the latest technology low energy lights with a fuel saving of up to 85% against other lighting towers
  • More secure - can only be moved with a Hiab or a fork lift so less opportunity for theft or vandalism
  • Safer working environment - Ceramic Discharge lamps provide reduced glare and are flicker free
  • Easy to transport - load up to 20 units on a standard articulated lorry
  • Hydraulic Mast 9.1m - no hand winching required and using bio-degradable fluids and able to withstand 100 kph winds
  • Flexible space within the cabinet - for addition of other recording and safety equipment
  • Fully bunded - no fluids can leak from the unit in the unlikely event of an internal spillage


Dry/Unladen Weight750kg
Overall Height (floodlighting position)9100mm
Noise Level85 dBa LWA
Fuel Capacity95 ltr
Fuel Consumption0.5 ltr/hour
Total Runtime (max)170 hours
Lifting Eye Safe Working Load Rating1000kg

Safety Features

  • Permanently fitted lamps
  • Low glare lamps
  • Four jack leg system
  • Streamline mast design
  • Ballast housed within lamp assembly
  • Auxillary power available 110v cte for UK or 220v
  • Electrical emergency stop