DPU80r Remote Controlled Compaction Plate

The Wacker plate with high compaction performance and easy manoeuvrability

The Wacker DPU80r is a highly manoeuvrable, compact and robust compaction plate.  The reversible vibratory plate features line-of-sight, infrared remote control for safe operation and the intelligent technology between operator and plate means the user is protected against vibration, noise and emissions.

The DPU80r is available as either 670mm or 770mm wide giving high compaction performance which can be individually controlled to optimise the soil being compacted



  • At only 830mm high, the DPU80r can be use in confined spaces making it ideal for trench work.
  • High rotational dynamics with no loss of rate of advance
  • The machine automatically idles and stops the vibration if the operator comes too close with the control box or line of sight to the compaction plate is lost, all thanks to the innovative remote control
  • The DPU80r falls well below the noise exposure limits, protecting the operator  
  • Water cooled engine which meets all regulations.


Operating weight:703/724kg
Centrifugal force:Up to 8158kg
Operating widths:670/770mm
Without vibration:1813/1611kg/m2
With vibration:20864/18153kg/m2
Manouverability:Turns within its own length