DPU7060 Remote Controlled Compaction Plate

The Wacker plate includes a virtual zero-loss V-belt technology.

The Wacker DPU7060 Compaction Plate is suitable for deep trench, open cut and abutment fill and features a safety/idle shutdown.  The machine will immediately go into idle running mode and stop all travel movements when the operator lets go of the remote control joysticks.

The award-winning Wacker Neuson infrared remote control uses line of sight for added safety.


  • The engine can withstand extremes of temperature and dust and features a low oil shutdown device and cyclonic air cleaner
  • The machine automatically idles and stops the vibration if the operator comes too close with the control box or line of sight to the compaction plate is lost, all thanks to the innovative remote control
  • The V-belt technology provides consistently high levels of power, efficiency and durability in comparison to hydraulically driven alternatives
  • The infrared sensing eye is retractable which protects it against damage while in use or while being transported
  • The vibratory plate's ergonomic remote control makes operation simple and straightforward


Operating weight:604/629kg
Centrifugal force:Up to 6920kg
Operating widths:650/800mm
Without vibration:1836/1496kg/m2
With vibration:22446/17367kg/m2
Manouverability:Turns within its own length