DPU130 Heavy Duty Compaction Plate

DPU130 : A heavy duty compaction plate ideal for granular and type one compacting.

The high compaction force of up to 16987 kg/m2 provided by the DPU130 model is comparable to a 7 tonne roller but eliminates any Hand Arm Vibration issues due to being fully operated by infrared remote control at a safe distance.

The DPU130 is the ideal piece of compaction equipment for applications where it is necessary to compact around structures due to its excellent manoeuvrability capabilities.


  • Powerful vibratory plate
  • Split level base allowing easy manoeuvrability
  • Infrared remote control
  • HAV and WBV issues eliminated
  • 130 KN centrifugal force
  • Safe compaction on steep gradients
  • Proximity recognition sensor


Operating Weight1170kg
Operating Width1200mm
Without vibration:1502kg/m2
With vibration:17021kg/m2
Machine Height988mm
Centrifugal Force130KN
Fuel Consumption4 Ltr/hour
Tank Capacity18 ltr