Published on Jun 19, 2017

JB Locations leading the way with Clean, Green Lighting in the film industry

J.B Locations are the first UK supplier within the film industry to add hydrogen fuel cell lighting to their fleet.  Ben Patton, from J.B Locations, collected their new Ecolite-TH2 Light Tower from TCP last week and put it straight to work at Pinewood Studios this weekend. 

There has been a significant shift, within the film sector, to reduce carbon footprint with increasing environmental pressures to improve air quality and embrace products which are emission and pollutant free.   Some major film companies have now employed consultants to find solutions for reducing carbon emissions on set and J B Locations are paving the way for this cleaner, greener need for temporary task lighting for the film industry by using the TCP Ecolite-TH2 powered by the HYMERA(R) Fuel Cell from BOC Linde.  

The Ecolite-TH2 hydrogen fuel cell light tower is a joint collaboration between TCP & BOC. The unit is silent in operation and has zero CO2 and NOx emissions making it the ideal choice for the film industry among many others.

Simon Meades (TCP) is pictured here with JB Locations Ben Patton collecting the Ecolite-TH2 on Friday.

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